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We help our wholesale clients provide their end user clients with beautiful and easy to care  for ground-cover solutions. Liriope wholesale featuring dwarf liriope varieties, bare root liriope and many more liriope variety options.


We supply wholesalers throughput the USA and Europe via UPS or common freight.


Liriope are low growing, grass-like ground cover flowering plants that add structure to  any landscape.  With many foliage or bloom colors to choose from  depending on your zone.

We are your go-to supplier for easy-care ground-cover solutions. Check out our inventory below:

Aztec Grass

A grass-like perennial boasting green and silver variegated foliage.

ZONE: 7 - 11

Big Blue

Grass-like foliage with lavender flower spikes. ZONE: 5 / 6-10 

Liriope Muscari Christmas Tree

Wide and greed leaf blades with lavender flower bundles shaped like a Christmas tree. ZONE: 6 - 10


Slim lily-like, emerald foliage with lavender flower spikes that resemble grape hyacinths. ZONE: 6 - 10

Dwarf Mondo Grass

Dwarf, dense, dark-green grass-like clumps. ZONE: 6 - 11

Evergreen Giant

Tough, upright tufts of deep green foliage, popular solution for edging paths. ZONE: 4 - 10

John Birch

Features golden, variegated, slightly twirled leaves and lavender or grape colored, hyacinth-like flower spikes. ZONE: 5 / 6 - 11

Mondo Grass

Stemless, dark green, grass-like leaves. Great for low borders. ZONE: 6 - 11

Monroe White

Large, white flower spikes rise abave dark green or forest green foliage. ZONE: 5 / 6 - 10

Royal Purple

Deep purple flower spikes with black colored berries rise above dark green foliage. ZONE: 5 / 6 - 10


Pink flowering liriope with dark green foliage. ZONE: 6 - 10

Silvery Dragon

Dark green and narrow leaf blades highlighted by silvery-white vertical stripes. ZONE: 6 - 11

Silvery Midget

Variegated, green with yellowish-white leaf blades with irregular margins. ZONE: 5 / 6 - 10

Silvery Sunproof

Soft lilac colored flower spikes among bold, striped foliage. ZONE: 6 - 11


Vigorous grass-like leaf blades with pale lavender flowers. ZONE: 4 / 5 - 10

Super Blue

Evergreen perennial with linear-shaped, wide and dark green leaf blades. ZONE: 6 - 11


Vibrant yellow stripes against a dark green background, adorned with lilac colored flowers. ZONE: 5 / 6 - 11

Variegated Mondo Grass

Vibrant and attention grabbing, variegated, grass-like, slim  leaf blades. ZONE: 6 - 9

Webster Wideleaf

Dense and long , broad leaf lily-turf. ZONE: 7 - 11

Dianella Tasmanica

Evergreen perennial with an upright growth. ZONE: 7 - 11

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We'd  love to talk to you about your ground-cover needs! Our aim is to  advise you on what  will best suit your requirements.   Our  Salesman, Manfred Robert, has over 20 years experience in the nursery  industry.  Please contact him to discuss your questions or concern as  well as to place your next order.  He will be glad to work with you and get  your Liriope shipped out to you anywhere in the United States or Europe.


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